Introduction to Engineering Computations with MATLAB

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Grades 10-12
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Introduction to Engineering Computations with MATLAB focuses on learning to use programming logic and structures in combination with mathematical models to develop automated solutions to real-world problems. The math used in the course includes arithmetic (order of operations), algebra, some use of basic trigonometric functions, basic statistics, and basic matrix mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication). The course does include teaching and support material for the required trigonometry and matrix math concepts. Students should have completed Algebra 1 prior to taking the course and are encouraged to at least be taking Geometry concurrently. While the recommended audience is Grades 10–12, younger students who have completed Algebra 1 and have a strong aptitude in math and an interest programming can be successful in this course.

Students will learn fundamental programming logic and structures that are taught in the first year of a collegiate engineering curriculum, including:

  • developing and implementing solution algorithms
  • acquiring and validating input
  • working with numeric and text scalar and array variables
  • using decision-making structures and loops
  • applying matrix operations
  • visualizing data
  • writing original scripts and functions
  • commenting code

Technical Requirements: The software required for this course is the MATLAB Student Edition, which is available for $49.00 from The cost of the software will be deducted from the course fee when you register for the course. MATLAB is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The student edition license also includes access to MATLAB Online. All Catapult courses require a high speed internet connection.